09 June 2017

more yard plants

Joe pye weed chocolate. This is still one of my favorites. I love the purplish hues. It's doing great in its new spot this year- except for these squiggly lines- insect damage? disease? doesn't seem to be harming the overall plant.
Next to it are some of my pink coleus. They are only a bit bigger than the ones I planted in front yard, but far less needy. Front-yard ones I am constantly watering in the heat- these under shade of trees do fine by themselves.
Turtlehead is getting taller, and multiplying, in all the areas I've planted it. Under a tree-
or by the stump alongside my tomato patch. They regularly have insect holes in the top leaves, but hold up pretty well against that- will probably still bloom- and I can't bug-pick everything.
Heartleaf brunnera is one of my favorites, right now. Love the silvery blue hues, and it grew a lot.
Next to it are heucherella- I planted them both last year-
and look how much bigger heartleaf brunnera is.
The hellebores I moved to give them space two months ago, really took off. Nearly the same size as the largest plant in the original spot (which is still holding onto a green flower, by the way).
I have not yet seen any flowers from bleeding hearts, but the foliage sure is pretty.

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