04 June 2017

I made a feeding ring for Samblu

It's ridiculous but he's an annoying betta to feed. The spirodela polyrhiza kind of gets in the way, he doesn't seem to see the food unless there's a good amount of free space around it, and especially if the tank light is on he gets so distracted by his reflection if a food item falls behind him, he'll chase its reflection down the front of the glass and miss. So I've been in the habit of blowing on the surface to clear a space in the floaters, and get his attention so he'll come look in the right place for food. .
Getting a bit tiresome. I took a piece of airline tubing, softened one end in hot water and forced it wider with needlenose pliers wedged inside, then fitted one end into the other to make a small ring. I put that on the surface to hold the floaters aside and it is so much easier. He notices the ring, and I don't have to keep pushing plants aside but can just drop the food in. I wish I'd made one sooner!

There's more benefits to this than just not having the blow floaters aside. It keeps the food in one spot, so if Sam misses, it doesn't drift off among the plants and go unnoticed. Also, he's learning quickly what it's for. Now instead of dashing up and down wiggling against the glass when I approach the tank, he hurries over to his feeding ring!

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