29 May 2017

arugula flowers

Here's the bolting arugula in my garden. I found out that this is one leafy green you can keep eating after it bolts- it's natural bitterness doesn't get any worse. I'm not crazy about it, but my husband likes it, and mixed with the milder simpson and little ceasar lettuce, or with store-bought spinach now that my other leafy greens are growing sky-high to flower, I like it okay.
And the little white flowers it makes are kind of pretty.
I don't really need any seed to save from this plant- still have plenty from the first packet, so I've cut some to bring in the house.
I was so intrigued with their delicate beauty, took quite a few close-ups
The veins in the petals have a faintly purple hue
I'm keeping a little vase of it on my desk. They don't last long- start to wilt after a few days- but then I just cut more, for the time being.

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