14 May 2017

ant eggs

I have a new treat for my fishes out of the garden. Good things come from pulling weeds- I disturbed an ant nest. All the ants made a scramble to move their eggs back into the dark, and I ran to get my little fish-dedicated tweezers and a container, and started picking them up. Ants grabbing a singular egg to haul it away only made it more visible to my eyes, the moving dot. It was not too hard to clean them- I just drop the eggs into a cup of tank water, swish it around, and pluck the eggs back out with a toothpick or the little tweezers. Then store in the fridge for a bit.

I don't really think of ants as a pest- they don't bother me- but I don't necessarily want them setting up housekeeping in my lettuce bed, either. So I don't feel too bad about stealing their offspring, if it makes them change location...

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