08 April 2017

tank shot

Quick picture (no effort to obscure reflections). Seems like this week my aoponogeton crispus have really busted out some growth- the leaves are very broad and hitting the surface again. I had to trim a few out that were getting too big, it's been a while since needed to do that.

The 'asian' crypt bunch next to my crypt wendtii is changing shape and color- surprise! I think it has been doing this gradually since the last alteration I made to ferts dose. Leaves and petioles have both lengthened, some of the foliage is turning darker, stems and primary vein turning reddish. So I still don't know what it is!

Crypt retrospiralis are getting nice and tall- but also to my dismay this week I found some tufts of BBA on a few. I hadn't noticed the glass on that side of the tank was starting to get lots of algae spots- the very dark green, stubborn kind. I spent so much time scrubbing algae off the glass today my fingers cramped. I have a suspicion that those dark algae spots turn into BBA when it spreads onto nearby plants, but not sure. Nitrates were lower in the tank this week (surprising, since I have a few more fish) that always seems to correspond when I see BBA crop up again too.

Need to get better photos but have been so busy (vegetable garden outside needs a lot of attention right now w/the seedlings and all). My trio of serpae tetras seems to be doing ok, although I have not seen them eat much yet. They are not bothering the barbs and act very shy. Hoping that when I get a few more they will feel more secure in here.

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