26 April 2017

sedum shield

My husband really doesn't like having a tree stump in our front yard, he thinks it's an eyesore. But I refuse to grind out a harmless stump and all its roots- which would leave a huge torn-up bare patch in our yard that would need new sod and I don't want the cost of all that. Plus the kids like to jump on the stump, I swear they can't resist it, every time they go outside, they jump on it like goats. So if they're jumping on the stump they're not trying to have vaulting competitions over my nascent flower bed... Well to appease husb I planted these sedums around the stump last spring and all year he kept asking me when will they grow tall enough to hide it?
Finally they have. Picture was taken last week- now from street view you can't even see that it's a stump in the middle- instead it looks like some funny little shrub.
It looks like it's wearing a green beard, viewed from above.
I am really pleased with this plant. But wondering if my flowering purslane will come back this year- it's where the gap is in that green ring of sedums.

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