08 April 2017

more plant stuff

There is so much going on in spring I never find time to keep up with it all. Some day I will get tired of taking photos and delighting in the progress of so many plants, but I don't know when!
Patch of arum is getting lush. Must remember not to plant over this with something else if it dies back in the summer heat.
I am thrilled to see how vigorous my echinacea looks in its second year. Pretty confident for flowers this time around. All seven have come up again!
All the new-to-me rudbeckia are coming up too.
Salvias I transplanted to grow around the tree in the front yard
are all emerging- I am very happy about that! But the last two I planted near a backyard tree as just rooted cuttings straight out of a jar didn't make it. So I know not to do that again. (They need time to mature a bit in a pot first, and transition to terrestrial growth I guess).
Here's this one that was a last-minute transplant- I moved it from the mailbox spot to just in front of the porch (next to peony). It's the one that makes blue-violet flowers and I still don't know what it is. Anybody?

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Jeane said...

It's cranesbill!