02 March 2017

in the garden

Things that survived the winter.
I've even taken a second cutting of small heads.
Swiss chard is ready to eat again.
One green onion. Planning for more.
Five sage plants- three are in the garden and two in pots. While the potted ones are larger, those in the ground are in much better condition.
Several bunches of parsley, going into their second year. I'll probably start more.
Deep in the heart of dry stems, Oregano is resprouting.
Thyme looks great! I wish I could maintain it this way, keep the bugs off... Maybe I will start washing dishes by hand all summer, just to have soapy water to regularly throw on the plants, haha.
One borage plant. Got more coming from seed. I am planning to have this all over the garden this year, and see if my hunch is right that it deters the squirrels.
And what makes me happiest: rosemary! Thrilled this one made it. The little plant I grew from cuttings.

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