14 January 2017

bucephalandra in my tenner

Taking a look at how they are all doing. This is one of my favorites, a thin-leaved blue one that I have on a stone. It's grown enough I'm thinking of taking a cutting from the tallest stem.
Another one that's grown significantly- this bright green one (on the right) is the tiny bit that grew off a dead-looking rhizome fragment.
'Selena' is another one of my favorites- but I'm not sure why some of its leaves are looking brown. Maybe too much mulm settled on the and blocked light? or just an older leaf the plant will drop.
Happiest, these two among the marsilea hirsuta, are from the group I pulled out of the thirty-eight and treated for BBA with amano shrimp in a vase. It worked. They have stayed algae-free and are growing out new roots and leaves in here.

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