17 December 2016

shrimps and buces

Yesterday I took apart my vase of buces. They look pretty good- very little noticeable algae. I removed older leaves that were yellowing and still had algae, and a few newer leaves that looked weak and had been shredded by the shrimps- I think lacking enough nutrients. They all have at least four leaves left, and nearly every single one has a new pinkish leaf uncurling.
I put the larger ones on/near the substrate, and stuck the smaller ones onto the driftwood in Sam's tank. Becoming a fan of superglue- it sticks immediately when wet and if I do it carefully, can't even see it. But got some blobs and it shows white- maybe I can scrape that off later when the buces have taken hold.
I acclimated the shrimps and moved them into the 38 gallon. They looked okay during the adjustment process- and then all promptly hid in the plants, one was flipping about. I can't see any of them this morning. I don't have any fish in here would eat a shrimp- maybe the cherry barbs would take a curious nip? I peer among the plants for shrimp but every time my eye catches a bit of motion, it's a kuhli loach...

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