04 September 2016

yard plants

The weather is a bit cooler and it's not so uncomfortable hot outside; I have started spending more time tending to my landscaping plants and the shade (not anymore) bed in the back of the yard.
I am continually pleased with the hellebores. They look healthy no matter what comes- rain or sun. I never worry about insets on them or about watering extra (though I do give water when it occurs to me).
Also glad to see the bee balm- monarda- does fine with the summer heat and bit of extra sun they get now (after neighbors cut down their trees).
Most of my echinacea have survived and are getting a bit bigger- they look pretty good, actually. I started with nine and only have seven now. Not sure when the second missing one disappeared...
Daisy clumps are coming up with a second flush of growth. I've started cutting down the older stems as they dry up.
To my surprise, astilbes seem to be coming back too, now that the weather has cooled and we are getting a bit of rain. I thought they were all goners.
Hostas are suffering. I think it is scorching from the direct sun- none of the other plants nearby have this symptom.
And it looks like lysimachia has died- at least this one.
The other still has some pale foliage. I am wondering if they will revive in the spring.
On the deck railing- another area but I consider it a "yard plant" since it's not part of the veggie garden- sweet potato vine is doing great. A few nasturtiums have begun sprouting from where seed fell. I have a few cuttings of potato vine in the house in a jar- growing roots like mad- will probably pot it up eventually, to carry through the winter.

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