05 August 2016

up high

Just when I was thinking how nice my three pots of mock strawberry looked on the mantlepiece, two of them died. I hadn't got a picture yet. They dried up. I have to remember to water those plants twice a week, if not three times. Also lately we have numerous tiny moths in the house and their little caterpillars crawl up to where the wall meets the ceiling, making cocoons there. I sweep them down with the broom, or get with vacuum extension. They're mostly above the mantle, so I think the caterpillars came in on these plants. I had to throw the two out.
The last one I moved to a different room in the house, where I can keep a closer eye on it (and see if more moth caterpillars show up here).
I shifted a spider plant to the mantlepiece spot. It hasn't been doing well where it was on top of a furniture piece next to the pothos at the back of the dining room. Pothos doesn't mind the dim light there, but the spider plant has been continually droopy.
The one in my bedroom sits up taller and has better color. They both have plenty of babies.

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