18 July 2016

snail attempts

So the other day when I was anxiously trying to catch Snaky Fish, I left the trap in there all day and re-baited it for a final time with cooked pea. The cherry barbs are determined but not stupid; after a while they gave up trying to enter the trap and just drifted about.
Then I noticed the nerite snails were zeroing in on the smell of green food.
The tomato nerite in particular got closer and closer to the source. I don't know if it was just coincidence where he happened to wander, but it sure looked to me like he was attempting the doorway!
Sliding on the inside approach.
Narrowing in on the opening.
I found it so amusing to watch his progress that I took a few photos from the short end of the tank. Here you can see him down in the righthand corner as he's on the inside approach-
And here he's in the doorway. But of course he didn't get in, and soon moved off.

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