30 May 2016

more yard plants

Dianthus is my favorite plant in the mailbox spot right now. It never stops blooming (so far). I've started deadheading it every now and then, to keep tidy and encourage more blooms. This isn't the best picture, but it's also got that nice blue contrast in the foliage. I found out I was right in my guess that the flowers look like carnations- the plants are related. Another one I want to multiply.
Sunpatiens I'm not so thrilled with. It is a slow grower. The one in the sun is doing a little better than the one in the shade spot.
I planted out my flowering purslane next to it.
Gladiolas are really coming up now! Very straight. On that side of the house I've also got fancy daylilies and some other kind of asian lily, I forget the name now. Where's the plant label... ?
When I planted out my latest batch of hostas, I split some in half. I did it kind of roughly, with the side of a hand trowel, and then worried some would wilt and die because broke apart without roots. But so far not a single leaf has withered.
The sedums I planted around tree stump in the front are doing pretty well. In spite of kids stepping over them all the time, and squirrels digging around them.
I didn't want to have the stump ground out. At least not yet. The kids like jumping onto and off of it so much. Eventually I think the sedums will grow tall enough to soften the edges of this a bit, but now it gets lots of looks from people walking by. I wonder if some passerby think the foliage is the tree trying to regrow? I think it's funny.

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