24 April 2016

watering can fix

I have an older two-gallon watering can without a rose fitting. Several years ago it cracked and got to be useless- the water just poured out- so I quit using the rose. It's fine for older plants, to pour a steady stream around their base- but for seedlings and widespread soaking in the little beds, I really need a rose. Very frustrated that I can't find anywhere to buy a replacement rose. I don't want a whole new watering can, just a rose.
So I made one. I sacrificed a spray bottle (kept the sprayer head- I had two spray bottles so this will just be a spare head for the other) and cut holes in its base and shoved it onto the watering can.
Fastened with duct tape. It's a very rough job. But it works. Some of the holes are a bit bigger than I wanted so it kind of dribbles on one side, but it's satisfactory for what I needed. I'm still on the lookout for a new rose, though.

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