12 April 2016

seedlings and seedlings

Today I folded a bunch more paper pots
to move seedlings out of their starter trays.
Four marigolds
and summer savory- that tray is empty now. My one oregano seedling died, and I didn't get any dill at all. Will have to sow more seed yet...
Of the broccoli tray I only potted up the largest one- these smaller got composted. There are so many bigger/healthier ones in the jug planter I don't need to keep the scrawny ones.
Tomato seedlings- I've got beefsteak and brandywine varieties, and I think the other two are romas. I have another tray where only one cherry tomato has come up and no italian tomatoes at all.
Green onions and chives. I had the tray marked but forgot to mark individual pots as the plants went in, so now I don't know which are what. I wanted to put the chives in pots and the green onions into the garden spot, so hope I can tell them apart when they get a little bigger.
I am delighted that all the nasturtiums sprouted- and they were way overdue a move up. I'm going to have my favorite flowers all around the deck and porch this year!
Two were very small- this one still under the soil
and this one just barely sprouting- but everything came up out of the trays as I loosened the roots of the bigger plants, so I just tucked these into pots, to see if they make it. I ran out of folded pots at this point and had to use plastic ones.
They'd grown so vigorously I had to trim roots as they went into the pots.
I am trying to remember to tailor the soil to the plant- giving my vegetable and herb starts the new, rich soil and putting flowers and perennials in older soil from last years' outdoor pots. Flowering plants do better in lean soil- especially nasturtiums. If you give them rich stuff they grow lots of foliage and don't flower.

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