20 April 2016

in the house

African violet flowers starting to open. The other plant doesn't even have buds yet.
I can't believe I didn't mention or show this plant yet. On valentine's day my husband gave me an orchid. I'm a bit anxious about keeping it because the last one I had died. Love the delicate purple color.
Of course there's lots of greenery around the house now, but the only thing I felt like taking a picture of this week was the arrowhead plant. It's been kept with roots in water like this for over two years now. The ones I tried planting in soil never grew well. I see this plant mentioned a lot on the aquarium forums. People plant it riparium style or root stems in their filter boxes. Some seem to have success with it, others warn that eventually the plant will rot and die, not meant to grow in water long-term. I think the difference is how much of it is submerged. Mine now has only the roots underwater, and it seems to do just fine.

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