31 March 2016


The coldframe house is strong, but not impervious to chill. We had a night of frost, and I thought everything in there was okay. But I lost most of my basil seedlings- only the biggest one survived it. And my one little sage plant almost died (its first true leaves are just big enough to touch them and receive scent of the herb). I rushed it back indoors and propped its stem gently with a nudge of soil- it seems to be recovering. So now I am still shuffling the more tender seedlings indoors on colder nights.
Carrots and beets are coming up in the garden spot. Three echinacea in a jug planter, and cosmos sprouting in two others. I thought I was done sowing seed but today started some nasturtiums in trays on top of the fridge. And more basil, of course. This time marking the tray.

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Jeane said...

I found it has a leak somewhere! I was standing next to the plastic-wrapped house it's very windy today and I saw the marigold leaves shaking when the wind passed over. Somewhere a draft is getting in- and some of the annuals have damaged leaf margins from chill. I need to find the tear or gap and patch it.