26 February 2016

tenner plants

A few pictures from this week. Really happy my buces are steadily growing new leaves now. A bit larger on the 'Selena'- the rest of them too small to note yet.
Wisteria looking good. It's growing over to the side more than I expected, blocking view of rotalas...
Finally there are more leaves on the hydrocotyle! Five, small.
Pleased at how the smaller clump of wendtii fern is growing.
First time I had to trim any ludwigia in here- just one stem from a corner. Moved over the bit of smaller stem plant there, to make room for it.
No more creeping jenny in here. Last bit came loose- and none of them every grew roots.
All still looks good with the reduced micros dose. That one shorter stem of ludwigia continues to put out warped leaves. Why is one stem affected, and not the others? I gave only 4ml this week.

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