16 January 2016

tenner planted

My betta tank got a sampling of all the same plants, just to see where each does best (or where I like its looks best).
Creeping jenny went to the side just behind the skull- it's such a small, fine-leaved thing, but I can get a closeup now.
The tiny ludwigia stem is here to the right of a much bigger one from petstore (different types of ludwigia? I'm trying to find out)
Bacopa monnieri. I kind of ran out of room for new stuff in here so put this one in a midground area. Probably not the right spot, my guess is I'll have to move it later. In foreground is a bit more of that staurogyne repens.
Fissidens on the driftwood! This bare vertical end of the log is just where I've always pictured moss growing. I can already see keeping it clean might be an issue- I don't have shrimps to pick through it. I will probably have to keep it trimmed short and siphon the area clear of fine debris each time.
There was one tiny downoi I put in here just front of the bigger one- which is moved central spot between driftwood and skull- but already it came loose this morning and was discarded. It is so little and contorted in shape I couldn't get it to stay in the substrate.
Monte carlo crap. I did a terrible job of planting this stuff. Root hairs sticking up all over. This morning bits of it floating loose. Not sure how much will take (or if I even want it, really).
I'd much rather keep the pennywort if I can get it to take hold. I've seen pics of it flourishing in others' aquariums, and it's so pretty. You can barely see the runner stem here, which I've tried to weigh down with pebbles.
Bit of subwassertang on a rock. This one I've moved already, to the opposite corner where it gets much more light.

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