10 January 2016


Looking at my tanks again, I think I want to move the creeping jenny stems in both of them. In the thirtyeight it is so bright it seems to glow when the light is dim, and I'd rather set that back behind the rotala and new crypt, which are a step brighter than the crypt wendtii in front... hard to photograph the effect though.
In the tenner, its nice round shapes are lost in the jumble of bacopa and ludwigia stems on the right. I'd rather have it placed on the left, there's a space up against the driftwood by the smaller anubias. Makes a corner shape, I've got one jenny stem there now, there's more other side of the sponge filter. But I've put my hands in the tank too much these past few days, maintenance and re-trimming/planting and sick fish care. So I'll wait until friday and if still feel the same, move them then.
It's so nice to look at the new plant shapes.

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