10 January 2016

pulled out

Even the plant trimmings looked attractive on friday- all those colors on the scrap plate.
I had to remove some plants from my thirty-eight to make space for the new ones-
excess crypts
a handful of hornwort.
I put it up on craigslist but didn't get any takers and not sure how long they'd last in a bucket. Then today while medicating a fish in salt bath I tried something. Have a few plastic aquatic pots from plants I've bought. I put a piece of old filter media cut to square on the bottom, filled with gravel and put the wendtii and vallisneria in the pots. Stuck them back in the aquarium, in the background where there are still gaps I'm waiting to fill with more stem plants when I can trim and multiply them.
So for now they fill holes, and if they thrive and grow more, I can probably move them out for a few bucks later.
The hornwort I've tossed back in to float. I only have a few stems held down with rock anchors now. Think I'm nearly done with hornwort in my aquarium- I don't know why I always kind of dismissed elodea before- never had any but always thought it looked weedy- but now that it's in there I like its appearance better than the hornwort, for a background plant. It's supposed to be great at consuming excess, too.

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