05 December 2015

hickory nut pie

I made the full pie for thanksgiving, and forgot to take a picture of it entire. So this photo is of the one wedge that came back home with us as leftovers.
I think it was a success, though still not sure if all the work was worth the end result!


CommonWeeder said...

I love pie, and have eaten lots of pie over the years but I have never seen hickory nut pie. Looks delicious - and it looks like not much was left over.

Jeane said...

No, there was nothing left! Even though some of the kids did not like it, that left more for the rest of us. It's not as sweet as pecan pie, even when served with cream or ice cream on top.

I had never seen one before either. I told my family: this might be the first and last hickory nut pie you ever eat. Because I'm not sure if I want to go through all that work again, though I do have enough nuts still for another pie or two. Just haven't gotten to cracking more yet...