06 November 2015

tenner plants

Some are better, some are the same. Still have black marks on all the older anubias leaves, I took some more off the smaller plants today. Moved one onto a different part of the driftwood, and transferred over some little windelov java fern pieces from the bigger tank. I had lifted out the stones to see if anything was rooting- to my surprise some actually were hanging onto their stone bases. Removed the rubber bands and the loose rhizomes I put in this tank. I rubbed the hair algae off first.
There are still two small clumps of cyperus helferi in here, barely hanging on, I don't think will last much longer. I should just pull it out and call that one a goner.
I had to anchor the smallest (far left) bit of water wisteria in here with a plastic strip pinched in half, because every time a catfish nibbled on it, the plant floated free. You can see here my older wisteria plant has a completely different leaf shape compared to the smaller pieces that were floating before.
Behind that, see the flat stone? I've been farming algae in small plastic jars in a sunny window again. Each week dump the water out, refresh with tank water. It's been several weeks and finally had a nice green film on the stone to offer the otos (they still don't seem keen on zucchini). I thought it would take them a few days to eat all the algae off that stone, but it was polished overnight. I only have three jars of algae rocks going and not sure how long it will take to re-cover the surface of one, so might only be able to give this to them once a week...

I am not worried about the java fern in here anymore.
Duckweed seems to be doubling itself every week now. This was the entire mass of it in the tank recently:
 Tiny baby trumpet snail floating on surface film:
Photo a week later- there were three clumps of duckweed this size, I only got two in this shot:
I do want more plants in here. If the windelov fern does well, I'd like to put in more of that. Also maybe vallisneria in the corner where helferi is dying, ludwigia across the back (replacing the plastic plant) and little stems of rotala in front corners- where it might stay stunted because the light isn't strong (as one tiny piece in the back has done). But I don't want to transfer more plants until I get rid of the hair algae in the thirty-eight, don't want that in here as well.

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