18 October 2015

glorious fern

I brought my boston fern inside from the cold. I hadn't realized how big it grew this summer. It's doubled in size. I'm amazed. I had a few hours to myself today so did a plant spa and soak in the tub with a book (it was a small one, only other plants two parlor palms and vase of arrowhead). The fern completely dwarfed the toilet.
I put it first on this cupboard it has sat on before, but I think it will get hit by too much sun.
So swapped places with the mother spider plant. Fern looks very imposing up on top of the display case,
and the spider plant likewise seems diminished here on the cupboard. It doesn't have very good form right now, but looks healthy enough. Maybe it wasn't getting quite enough light, and the two will be happier in new places.

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