24 September 2015

fish behaviors

The relatively newer barbs don't rush up to the surface when I approach the tank- they never learned that my presence equals food topside, because more often than not I give sinking foods (for the kuhlis' benefit) since they've arrived. The older fishes remember the pattern from before though, and whenever I stand near the tank they eagerly come near. If I move to stand by another corner, they flock to that side, too.

The fish don't seem alarmed when I put my hands in the tank (they come and nibble on my freckles) and only shy away briefly if I accidentally bump something. But they dash and hide when I clean the outside of the glass with vinegar and a rag, is it something about the squeaking sound? Rubbing the glass on the inside with algae pad doesn't get the same response.

For a while every time I came in the bedroom I would glance at the aquarium to make sure an oto wasn't stuck head-down in the filter outtake tube again. It's never happened since that one time. Sometimes I see one on the airline, working its way up or down, but never into the tube. I think the one who had that mishap remembered and stays clear.

The fishes know that I put food under the flat stone. Sometimes when I drop sinking food in another part of the tank the kuhlis start rushing around to pinpoint the scent and one or two will go over and squeeze under the stone to look there even if it's not where the food went, they check it out.

On another note, I've noticed that there are very few malaysian trumpet snails in my tenner now. I picked some out a while ago to make sure most of the algae and biofilm would be available for the otos, and now when I look for the snails I only see two or three, small ones. I suppose it's because Oliver eats so little, there's not much food waste in here for them to scavenge.

The first time I fed a few crushed mts to the barbs, they went crazy for it. Next day I saw one female barb grabbing live trumpet snails and trying to bite them. She knew they could be food- but of course can't get them out of the shell. She gave up soon, but it was funny to see her going for the snails!

Oliver doesn't seem to like garlic flavor anymore. He spat out the soaked betta bites I gave him last week, I had to siphon them out and feed him plain ones. Gave him two garlic-soaked bloodworms this week and he spat out the first several times, let it fall. Ate the second one, though. Maybe he's getting picky. He does gobble the flies I offer him though, when he used to just ignore those. Perhaps his taste changes as he gets older.

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