24 August 2015

aloe vera

C's big aloe vera plant has grown amazingly since I moved it into a sunnier spot.
And a few weeks ago I discovered it had three pups in the pot.
I wanted to just remove the pups out but couldn't do that without knocking everything out of the pot, so put the pups back into the original pot (they have plenty of roots)
and the parent plant into a larger pot. It's unhappy with the transition. I never do well with aloes once they get so large- unwieldy and prone to getting knocked over... Might just keep the pups and let the bigger plant go. Sunny spots will be in demand soon with the days getting shorter. I have plants outside that will need to come in...
I moved the other little aloe from kitchen windowsill next to these. It's obvious it wasn't getting enough light in the kitchen spot- look at the difference! (Maybe also because the new pups grew a lot bigger before I separated them off the parent).

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