20 January 2015

little plants

My youngest is dismayed that "her" plants aren't growing in the little greenhouses outside yet. She helped sow seeds and claimed some purple Nicotiana for her own, but it's hard to wait. I was tidying up some houseplants and showed her a teeny little crassula plant growing off a fallen leaf (I've never seen one so small)
She wanted it for her own. I gave her a Geranium trimming too.
She helped mix the soil (with worm dirt and eggshells), fill the tiny pots (the drip saucers are caps from juice jugs- that's how small they are), tamp them down, and carefully put her plants in by herself. They're on a windowsill now with sun and in easy reach. She's eager to water them already- I had to remind her to wait until they are thirsty!

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