19 December 2014

kuhli power

is in numbers! I have two new guys who just got introduced to the tank day before yesterday. They're black kuhli loaches:
They like resting in curves on the crypt leaves where they touch the glass
And they really like the rock cave, but can't quite fit inside it!
They're much more robust than my striped kuhlis.
And they have made the first kuhlis bold. I noticed immediately that I'm seeing kuhli squiggles all over the tank, even during the day:
I'm very impressed with these guys. They have given my original kuhlis enough confidence that for the first time ever, they came out to compete against the cherry barbs for spirulina wafers. I won't have to sneak food under the kuhli log anymore, they were hogging the food from the other fishes!
Even Pinkie shoving his way in didn't deter the kuhlis.
Yah kuhlis!
(All these pics taken with aquarium lights off, to let the new guys settle in. I'll get some better photos soon).

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