07 October 2014

goodbye stripes

I've given away my last two zebra fish. (I actually did this quite a while ago, but forgot to finish this post).The danios really need others of their kind, and I didn't want to get any more of them to make a school. Things are calmer in the aquarium now. All the fishes seem to swim around more leisurely. For the first day  I could tell they were rearranging their pecking order, now that the danios weren't here to chase other fish around. Pinkie was darting at some of the platies, they were going after some of the barbs, the barbs were pushing each other around too. Now it is more tranquil.

Learned something here- it is embarrassing to chase fish around your tank with a net while someone is waiting for them. Not to mention damaging to the live plants and stressful for all the fishes. And now that I think about it, could have been the stress of that chasing that triggered the ich outbreak in my tank... I should have realized there's a better way, which I will do next time I need to move a fish- make a trap. Out of a water bottle. I've found several tutorials online...

(I actually did this quite a while ago, but forgot to finish this post)


keeley cook said...

Good job! The health of your tank will increase as you get to a healthy number of fish. I need to do this also some of my schools are getting smaller and I am not looking to replace the dead ones because im going for a different look.

Jeane said...

Yes I'm thinking about changing my stock out too, at least switching the barbs for plates. I just like their appearance better. But now I don't know. I didn't realize before how sensitive fish are to changes in their home.