20 September 2014

fish report 8

There are no more signs of ich. No fish loss. Yesterday was the last water change to remove salt. Leaves dying on aponogeton, but new ones growing just as quickly- a fresh shoot coming up even before the most recent leaf is full-sized to the others- I've never seen the plant do that before. I'm still bringing the temperature down, just a degree a day- it's 81° now. Turning down the air flow to the sponge filter when the light is on, soon I will turn it off altogether.

I moved the cherry out of QT
and back into the home tank. I had to move the QT setup entirely off my counter. Routine pest prevention was applied in my kitchen and I can't shift even the four gallon container if it's full- so I had to move her anyway. Plus I was starting to worry about ammonia poisoning after testing the QT water and realizing that it was over safe levels, even after a 25% water change. I guess the sponge filter in there wasn't seeded well enough, or maybe the meds killed the bacteria. Or the fish didn't poop enough to keep them alive. Something. (Here's Pinkie inspecting the bag as it floats to equalize her temperature)
She looks much less stressed now. Got her color back, swims around actively, even jerks her fins open to display sideways at other females- reaffirming their social order I guess. But her tail fin, while looking less ragged, still has a white edge to it- fungus or bacteria. I'm keeping up with small daily wc to maintain clean water for her.
Also for the sake of this platy:
I have to look so closely my eyes hurt, but I think her tail fin is growing back in. I see a small light patch closest to the body, but it doesn't look fuzzy and I think I see a fin ray in there, so hope it's the fin growing back, not fungus. I've read that when fins grow back they are often colorless. She is still my smallest platy, looks thin.

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