13 January 2013

okra "coffee"

A little experiment, for my own amusement and curiosity. I roasted the Okra seed. It's very easy. You just heat up a skillet
and roll the seeds around until they start popping. Smells like slightly burnt popcorn!
At that point I turned off the flame, covered the pan to keep them from jumping out, and kept shaking it a bit more to finish roasting them evenly to a nice, dark brown.
After cooling you can grind and brew the roasted seeds same way you prepare coffee.
I wasn't expecting much because everywhere I read about this online people said it was no substitute. So I was surprised to find the taste rather satisfactory. Of course, there's no caffeine. It's not quite as bitter or rich in flavor as coffee, and doesn't have the "green" taste roasted dandelion roots give. I much prefer this to the dandelion drink. I don't think I'd ever grow Okra specifically for this purpose, though.

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Chris Howard said...

Sorry okra didn't turn out to be your favorite :p I love it!! You have to admit it's quite the beautiful plant though ;)