07 December 2012

special honey V

I have yet more special honey in the cupboard. This wasn't exactly a splurge as one was a gift. I was in the grocery store with my daughter and happily showed her the wide variety of "special honeys" filling almost an entire shelf, she was just as thrilled as I and talked me into bringing home a jar of honey with comb. It is delicious, has an added depth of flavor the others lack even though it's not a distinctive monofloral variety.
My kid likes to chew on the honeycomb until it's just a little bit of wax.
The other jar, on left, came to me all the way from Morocco. I've been slowly savoring it over the past few weeks but didn't write about it yet because again words fail me to describe the flavor. It has a strong zing that reminds me of the citrus bite in orange blossom honey, but it's not citrusy. It is sharp and sweet and complex and very different from all the others and well, good.
If I could read the little description on the back perhaps I'd know more about it! Spread a bit of it on crackers with thin slices of goat cheddar (local, organic from the farmer's market- thanks, sis!) just yesterday and that was very good. And I don't usually like cheeses that have such strong flavor.


Chris said...

That moroccan honey sounds AMAZING!! I'm absolutely loving your honey collection!!

Jeane said...

It's a rotating collection, though, because I keep eating it all up! Right now I have five jars.