10 August 2012

new visitors

I read quite a few garden blogs that are all about establishing native plants to encourage wildlife, particularly birds. I always thought this would take a lot of work but to my surprise this year I've seen two new birds. Several times now walking out of the house a bright yellow-and-black bird has darted away from my echinacea with quick, dipping flight. I'm certain this is an american goldfinch- and the info I read says they do love purple coneflower seeds! All it took was one plant, and this vivid bird is visiting my yard regularly.

The other new bird I've seen is a rosy colored one; there was a pair on the driveway for some time one day; I watched them through a window. I think they were house finches?

I haven't seen any hummingbirds this year, but the tithonias are planted against the fence on the other side of the yard, whereas before I could just glance out the window and see them. I wonder if they're around but I just haven't seen them yet?

of course I haven't got any photos- birds are so hard to catch an image of

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