16 June 2012

things not doing well

Every year a different set of plants does well or poorly for me. This year, these are the poor performers (and I don't quite know why). The Peas look terrible. They fell off their supports, dried up halfway when I forgot to water, and now have mildew it looks like as well. I think next year I need a real, bought pea fence, twigs just aren't working for me at all. Plus have to remember to water them, they need water every day! On the other hand, I did get good peas from them, just not as much as I wanted.
Beets and Carrots got eaten early by something that munched all my seedlings. They seem to be recovering okay, but are now few in numbers.
Like always, the Rhubarb now looks awful and is struggling to get through the summer. I really do think it's slugs eating the leaves, even though everything you read online says rhubarb has no pests.
Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes (not pictured) blah. The lettuce was beautiful, but didn't have good flavor like last year. And the cherry tomato plants already have rust on lower leaves, spreading quickly. They are making fruit and I ate the first little tomato yesterday- it was very tasty but I don't know if we'll get very many the plant might succumb to disease first. I'm wondering if there's something in the soil of this plot, as they were planted together? or just bad luck.

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