16 June 2012

things doing great!

On the flip side of last post, these are the plants doing wonderfully this year.

Chard and Broccoli. I have never had such lovely Broccoli.
I ate another pair of heads the other day
and already the plant I cut them from is making new side shoots.
My daughter currently thinks broccoli is so awful it makes her feel nauseated, and my husband thinks this broccoli tastes like buckwheat (he doesn't like the buckwheat honey) so I have the broccoli all to myself.
I have caught a few harelquin bugs on the plants, but hopefully before they laid eggs- these three were on the same plant and none found elsewhere so I have suspicions they were meeting up to make more bugs! They are beautiful, though. There's also a spider living under one of the plants, I hope he catches and eats lots of pests.
My big Tomato plants are looking lovely. There are lots of tomatoes forming and I can't wait to eat them! I did plant them a bit too close to each other, though...
The Peppers look fantastic. Working among the plants the most lovely pepper scent overtakes you. I don't like hot peppers, except to put the serranos or jalapenos in beans, but I love the scent they make.
and the Pumpkins are growing quickly! I'm eager to see them fruit as it's pie pumpkins this year, which will be a first for us.
The Brussel Sprout plants seem to be doing well (except that little one in the back left corner- not enough sun?) I'm just waiting to see them make sprouts...

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