15 June 2012


some flowers in the yard

The first Borage is beginning to bloom!
I finally have Echinacea- the plant is a lot taller than I'd expected.
Nasturtiums in pots on the porch- wish I had more.
My Green Beans are flowering- and as you can see, getting pollinated.

That's one thing I haven't seen much of this year- bees. There's a few around the lavender flowers, but never more than two or three. The rest of the plants seem to only attract flies and wasps this year, and the ever-present cabbage white butterflies. Where are the bees...?

I only have one Cantaloupe plant this year- sad, because I really like fresh cantaloupe. I'm hoping I'll still get some fruit even though the plant is solo... It has its first flower this week, too.
Zucchini are flowering, too. I'm searching carefully for cucumber beetles- no signs of them yet, but anxious about them regardless.

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