25 May 2012

coming along

We're steadily eating Rhubarb, Peas and Strawberries. The Peas are almost done, the Rhubarb I might get two more pies out of, and the Strawberries are coming on full blast. The rest of the garden is coming along too. My little Pepper plants are flowering, and the Tomatoes. This one Cherry tomato plant has its first fruit forming!
The Broccolis looked like this about two weeks ago
now they're huge and the heads are beginning to form! No sign of budding on the Brussel Sprouts across the way, though.
I've got the most beautiful big Lettuce heads ever, but many of them are starting to bolt, too, so it's time to cut all the heads and store in the fridge for a few weeks of salads.
The Green Beans are starting to climb. I'm worried the supports I put up won't be sturdy enough.

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Chris said...

Wow!!! Everything is looking so beautiful :) That lettuce is just GORGEOUS :D