14 April 2012

spider SIP

I've moved this my smallest clump of young Spider plants into a sub-irrigated planter made from a soda bottle.
My original intention was for the SIP to go inside the red hanging pot, but it was too large. So as the bottle had an hourglass shape, it was simple to tie the hanging apparatus around the reservoir part.
The plant is droopy again, but I hope it will perk up soon. I was curious about the root system of spider plants, having noticed that they have thread-like roots and also fat tuberlike roots. These store water. So they really need to be allowed to dry out before watering again. Also, they like to be rootbound (as does my dracanea). I perhaps made a mistake in repotting the first spider plant I owned so promptly- must remember not to worry about the ones I have now but let them grow and grow to fill the pots their fullest.


Chris said...

that SIP hanger is such a good idea!

Jeane said...

I think it's happy, already it has perked up sooner than any plant I transplanted before.