13 April 2012

mini geraniums

My Geranium bonsai hasn't been looking well. I think I've been forgetting to water it often enough; quite a few of the leaves are yellowed. I cleaned off all the dead foliage,
trimmed the roots, gave it fresh potting soil, and a rather severe pruning. I'm actually liking its shape, now.
From above you can see that the branches are all fanning out more or less evenly, which is what I wanted.
The scion, that one doesn't look attractive yet, but I'm willing to be patient. Cut its two biggest stems, to encourage more branching.


Chris said...

I still REALLY wanna try to make a geranium bonsai…they seem to lend themselves so well to the form.

Jeane said...

Except this is the only one I've been happy with its shape. Actually thrown out a few becuase they just didn't look nice.