13 March 2012

nearing sleep

Although in some ways my Cyclamen looks healthier, its foliage spreading out more, new buds arising inside the plant, it's also got quite a few yellowing leaves. I read up on it more and discovered I probably shouldn't have repotted it just now. It goes into a summer dormancy period, after which you can repot as the plant begins to regrow. Also, it likes to live in cool conditions and we're starting to feel the warmth of the sun so I moved it onto the bathroom windowsill (coldest room in my house).
Can't see it so good in there.
I do like looking up into the plant to see the buds uncurling their new stems.
My Poinsettia has dropped almost all its green leaves. This plant, too, goes through a summer dormancy. When all the leaves fall you're supposed to cut it down and let it go dry until about september, when it will regrow into a new plant. I think most people just throw them away. I'm going to try and continue to grow mine...

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