15 March 2012

mints relocated

All my Mints are growing back, now. The Lemon Balm lush and pretty
and the others just starting their growth. This one has stayed inside its pot
but the other two are already sprawling out of their boundaries!
I'm afraid it won't work, sinking pots. But I still want to have them in the ground, as summers get so hot here anything in pots dies if I miss a day of watering. I've made the discovery (from this wonderful article on Daily Kos) that Mint likes wet ground. There's a spot in my yard that's usually damp- it grows moss- and also happens to be bounded by a concrete patio on one side, a heavy wooden barrier on the other. I moved the three Mints over there, adding another barrier of old roofing tiles and bricks sunk into the ground. Directly on the other side of it I planted a bunch of Daylilies dug up from the back corner, as they spread I hoped it might keep any mints that escape in check? For now it looks pretty, anyways.
The mints don't seem to mind being moved.
And I love the scent they leave on my fingers.

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