20 March 2012


My Venus Flytrap has a new trap forming- you can see it here on the top right; it doesn't have "teeth" yet.
It's also been shooting up this tall flower stalk. I saw these plants blooming in a conservatory once and asked a few questions; the plant puts up such a tall flower so that insects that come to pollinate it don't get caught by the traps! My flytrap doesn't seem to have caught anything yet.
The Sundew is also blooming, one on each corner of the square pot.
The Sundew has been catching plenty of bugs; I see at least half a dozen gnats stuck in its sticky fringes. The plant never seems to curl over the bugs to absorb them, though. So I'm not sure if it's actually feeding? but it is keeping the gnats from flying around my living room, for which I'm grateful!
How many stuck bugs can you see in the above picture? I spot three (I think one is an ant).


Chris said...

You have me REALLY wanting to get some of these! I have my little pitcher plant thats carnivorous and I'm trying to grow a new one, but I think I may get myself a venus fly trap…love the flower stalk! Didn't know they grew flowers!

Jeane said...

I thought you had a pitcher plant! do they have to stay always moist, too?