26 June 2011

today's pickings

I am amazed how big and fat the Cherry Tomatoes are. Not many ripe yet, but they are soooo good. I can't wait until we have handfuls per day and I can top a pizza with them. Right now it's just snacks.
Nice big bunch of Beets today. After mowing the lawn I mulched half the beet bed with the grass clippings; the plants wilt a bit in heat of day and the round red bulbs of root are emerged from the soil; I don't want them to loose flavor from the heat.
simmering merrily in the pot


Chris said...

Everything looks so very pretty :D I barely got any cherry tomatoes this year...my plants got scorched by the heat :( I've been freezing the few I do get so that I can use them when I get a good bit!

Thiruppathy Raja said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again.
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