26 June 2011

mint tea!

My first attempt making fresh tea from my own grown herbs. And I'm not really a big fan of tea. Everyone clamored to try the Chocolate Mint
so I picked a few handfuls.
Here's what it looked like afterwards.
I don't have a teapot (or even a kettle to boil water in) so I tried an alternate method, of putting the torn leaves in a pot, pouring the cold water over, heating slowing to a boil, and then straining it. The recipe I followed suggested 2 Tablespoons of fresh herb to 1 cup of water. Added a drop of honey.
It was very refreshing!
Next I'm going to try making tea from lavender and maybe hibiscus flower...


Chris said...

Yum! Lavender and mint together makes an amazing tea! One of my favorites :)

Jeane said...

I've thought of trying a few combinations. Do you know if lavender is good with hibiscus?