28 April 2011

strawberry anticipation!

There are so many flowers on the Strawberry plants!
I don't see anything pollinating them; the bees seem to prefer dandelions. Isa says she sees tiny flies moving amongst the white flowers. Must be doing the job as some have already begun to form the little green berries. I'm really hoping for a good crop now.
Even a few of the baby runner plants I removed and put in pots are flowering.
(I sold a dozen to someone off craigslist, but still have nine left).


Chris said...

I didn't know strawberry plants needed pollinators! That actually makes me happy because I'm getting bunches of berries :) I eat them before they can amount to anything though, lol.

Jeane said...

Hm, well I don't actually know for sure if they do! I guess I just assumed where there's a flower, you need a pollinator, and we do see the little flies visiting...