18 February 2011


I was so happy to see that my Strawberries have survived the winter. Green foliage is peeking out from under their blanket of leaves and shredded paper. I'm leaving it on a bit longer in case of later frost.

Even more exciting was to find the Rhubarb alive! It took a bit of digging around in the leaf mulch to find the crowns, but once I located one I knew where the others were. And all of them have little rosy nubbins emerging from the soil.
I'm not sure if I should leave them covered longer or not. Get conflicting info from what I read.
Some say to uncover them in early spring to let sun warm the ground and encourage growth. Others say keep them tucked in until all frost danger is past.
I think I'll play it safe and cover them lightly again for a little longer.

I showed my husband when he came home, the peeking green Strawberry leaves and rosy Rhubarb nubbins. For once he was excited about the gardening: he can't wait for some homemade strawberry rhubarb pie!

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