31 January 2011


I thought I'd killed my Oregano.
I realized what was wrong with it; why it got so leggy and all the lower foliage died when left in care of a neighbor. It got overwatered. It was happiest when in the dry summer yard. So I took drastic measures a week or so ago. I chopped off all the stems, down to a few inches, and now I only water it once every two weeks. The best tender stems that I cut off got stuck into soil with some rooting hormone in hopes the cuttings would generate new growth.
I don't think that worked. Only one piece still shows signs of life, the rest are dying.
But today I found new growth on the remaining stubble of my big plant! Little teensy leaves are sprouting on many of the dry stems. I'm so happy it's reviving.

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Chris said...

\o/ yay oregano!!